President Museveni commends church on strong state partnership, appeals for renewed evangelism in society.

President Museveni has appealed to the Church to renew the fires and flames of evangelism in society so as to address the erosion of moral standards and integrity, flames, he said, are not burning vigorously today, as they did in the past.
The President  made the remarks at the 29th Lango Diocesan Synod  where he was represented by the Vice President, Jessica Alupo. 

In his speech, the President gave a brief history of the Church of Uganda, in existence for 145 years noting that it had evangelised the Great lakes region, while offering holistic ministry in a non-discriminatory manner to members and non members.  “The evangelisation movement did not stop only at spreading the word of God, it became an instrument of civilization”,Museveni remarked. 

The President also applauded the existing partnership between the church and state as as very critical to our country’s journey to the middle income beylikdüzü escort status. “We have to work together to eradicate poverty, combat diseases, fight corruption and provide the country with a moral compass”, he added.

The President also made reference to the soon to be launched Parish Development Model, as a “transformative intervention” that seeks to move 3.5 million households into the money economy and called for the Church support in realising this. 

The Diocesan synod whose theme this year was “in times like these”  is held every two years and is composed of all Parish priests, Archdeaconry leaders, secondary school headteachers of church of Uganda foundation body schools,Bishops and other individuals nominated by the Bishop. The synod comprises  eight (8) districts of Lango Diocese. Among the nominees was Health Minister, Dr Jane Ruth Aceng who also doubles as Woman MP-Lira district. 

Speaking earlier,  the Bishop Prof Alfred Olwa appealed to Government to help in several development initiatives such as the All Saints University in Lango, completion of the mission centre building-among others.
The President contributed UGX 30million towards the event.