Streamling the boda boda Industry- KCCA to start enforcement with immediate effect.

In January 2022 ministry of works publically announced new procedures for streamlining the boda boda industry within the city centre to make sure there is safety for lives

State minister for Kampala city Kyofatogabye Kabuye represented by the deputy resident city commissioner Lubaga Anderson Herbert Burora informed the public that in respect to the ministry of works and transport directive to streamline the boda boda industry after giving them an ultimatum of 6 month that ended on 1st July, KCCA will start its enforcement with immediate effect starting with Kampala metropolitan.

This is aimed at making sure that there is safety and compliance that doesn’t claim lives recklessly.

“I call upon all boda boda riders and the public to comply with the procedures. With an ultimatum of 6 months every rider was requested to fully register as well attend road safety training among others. In consideration for that KCCA is to start the enforcement of the measures with effect from today,” the deputy resident city commissioner, Anderson Herbert Burora  said.

“All boda boda riders within Kampala metropolitan should make sure they meet the qualifications before coming on the road and comply with the procedures,” Anderson added.

Anderson said these changes will come with a lot of challenges and requests the public including politicians to be patient with the process.

The campaign aims at making sure that they streamline the boda boda industry to avoid reckless losing of lives.