264 kilometers of River Kochi to be restored in Koboko, Yumbe and Obongi where it enters into River Nile.

Government of Uganda, through ministry of Water and Environment has moved to restore the diminishing River Kochi which is one of the major rivers in West Nile sub region.

This is River Kochi some 5kilometers away from the source near Uganda’s border with Democratic Republic of Congo in Midia Sub county, Koboko district.

Human activities have continued to thrive along its banks and wetlands up to its tributary into River Nile in Obongi district.

Bran Acikule, the Midia sub county chairman contrasts condition of River Kochi now and how it was a decade ago.

Experts say human activities in wetlands along rivers remain biggest factors posing risks of extinction to major rivers like Kochi in West Nile.

Poverty has been identified as a major factor prompting communities to indulge in exploitation of wetlands and tree species along rivers as people look for ways to sustain livelihood.

These threats to River Kochi are reasons, Ministry of Water and Environment is implementing Integrated Water Management and Development Project at Kochi sub catchment with support of 4.7billion shillings funding from World Bank.

The project seeks to improve soil and water conservation, eco-system protection and restoration, livelihood improvement for the affected communities and supporting stakeholder engagement, among others.

Local governments of Koboko, Yumbe and Obongi districts are fully involved in the project implementation where sensitization of local communities is also a priority.