City 5 Gin Incident – 17 Succumb To Death Due To Excessive Methanol In The Gin

Minister of state for trade, industry and cooperative has revealed that 17 people who died after drinking city5 gin alcohol succumbed to death due to excessive adulteration of the gin with methanol which was 0ver 16000 times higher than the permissible 50% mg/L specified in the standard for a gin.

Findings from Uganda Bureau of Standards indicate that excessive adulteration of the gin with methanol killed the 17 people in Arua district leaving others bedridden.   Luluwiri Fruit wine, manufacturers of city 5 gin used methanol that is harmful to humans instead of ethanol that is usually used in making alcohol.

It is likely that the perpetrators deliberately and illegally used methanol as a cheaper alternative to increase the potency of the City 5 Gin instead of ethanol which is commonly used in making alcoholic beverages,”  the Minister of State for Industry, Hon. David Bahati said.

Four suspects have so far been arrested and the company has since been closed

“The suspects involved in the manufacture and sale of City 5 Gin have been arrested and are in custody of Uganda Police Force. The Bureau has sealed off and suspended the production facilities where the adulterated gin was found until further notice,” Bahati said

Uganda Bureau of standards is in the process of decentralizing works of the bureau for easy monitoring.

Parliament is to form an interminsterial committee to monitor uncertified advertisements aired by media houses.

Government through the office of the prime minister is yet conclude on whether the affected families will be compensated or not.