Displaced and At Risk: The Devastating Effects of Landslides and Heavy Rains in Kyarumba Subcounty

Following on going heavy rains, the assessment team established other affected communities in Kyarumba Subcounty Kabonera Parish.

6 villages of Kibirigha I, Kibirigha II, Muthambi, Kiitabona , Buthali II and Kasanzi were also affected by landslides.

200HHs are at risk.
40HHs have camped at Kibirigha Roman Catholic church.
26 HHs completely destroyed.

Other risks:

There are gaps identified on Shelter, protection issues, and WASH needs.
Forexample, the church is congested with one latrine being used by both males and females.

Other Humanitarian needs include lack of food, clean water, warm clothes for children, blankets among basic necessities to support the displaced families.

The District Disaster Management Committee is working with the Uganda Red Cross to try and address the gaps, so that these families can develop coping mechanisms.