President of Uganda issues statement on the passing of Colonel (rtd) Charles Engola: A tribute to a courageous leader and patriot.

Uganda is still in mourning following the passing of Colonel (rtd) Charles Engola, a highly respected leader who dedicated his life to serving his country. In response to this tragic loss, the President of Uganda has released a statement expressing his condolences and paying tribute to Colonel Engola’s remarkable career. In the statement below, we read from the President on the legacy of this brave and accomplished individual, as well as the ongoing investigation into his untimely death.

Below is the full statement ;

“Fellow Ugandans,

Condolences on the death of Colonel (rtd) Charles Engola. Colonel (rtd) Charles Engola was a lion. I, first, saw him in Lubiri barracks (before it was returned to the Kabaka) manning a 14.5mm anti-air-craft gun in 1986.

Later, he became an infantry Commander in the Minakulu area. That is when he got his MachodwogoKikubyo (praise name). Mac in our Luo language means fire. Dwogo, means, “Coming back” (Okudda, Okugaruka). 

The peasants who gave him that Praise name, meant that when he took command of the Army in the area, people were able to make fires again in order to cook, warm themselves (okwoota omuriro). Before Okello defeating the Kony terrorists in the area, people were in hiding, fearing to make fire so that the terrorists do not see the fire and come for them.

On account of that popularity, he was elected LC-5 Chairman and, eventually, Member of Parliament. I was very happy to appoint him a Minister of State. His killing by this bodyguard was a big crime to Patriotism in Uganda. We would have hunted him to exact justice on him. Unfortunately, he took his own life; hence, we did not have that opportunity.

There is an ongoing investigation. I await the conclusion of that investigation before I comment on the security of public officials & the mistakes made and how we will rectify them.”