President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni together with the First Lady Mama Janet Kataha Museveni, the Minister of Education and Sports have today launched Uganda’s joint bid to host the African Cup of Nations (AFCON) tournament at State House, Entebbe. 

“Sports is very good, and it has now transformed from mere emizanyo to emirimo. This is good, let’s take advantage of it but don’t confuse the youth that it is the only thing,” the President said.

President Museveni welcomed the idea to host AFCON in 2027 but he warned that the youth should not be lost in sports and forget other income generating activities. 

“Add sports to the ancient sources of income like agriculture, manufacturing, hotels and others,” President Museveni told the National Council of Sports (NCS) officials who had paid a visit to him at State House, Entebbe. 

President Museveni said that sports promote good health and keep people fit. 

“Sports help you to burn calories and fight getting fat,” The President remarked.

He also noted that sports are also a source of entertainment for both the players and the spectators which is better than going to the bar and indulging in other bad behaviors.  

President Museveni further said that for East Africa to come together and host the African Cup of Nations in 2027 is a good idea because it is another dimension to promote and publicize East Africa and also promote tourism. 

“People who do not know East Africa, will know and come,” he said.

The First Lady Mama Janet said that sports promote patriotism and nationalism; the love for one’s country.

She said that in sports, the desire to win promotes the spirit of positive thinking.

The first Lady said that the bid will enhance the already existing good relations between the East African countries and will promote it.

Hon. Peter Ogwang, the State Minister for Education and sports thanked the President for sparing time and launching the bid to host the AFCON.