The government of Uganda has vowed to deal with perpetrators who threaten the works of the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions claiming to be State-House officials that they will be held accountable.

Minister for Justice Nobert Mao says, such people retard the works of the institution hence affecting its service delivery. He communicated this during a hand over ceremony of over 40 vehicles to the office of the DPP at Kololo ceremonial grounds in Kampala. In his remarks minister Mao, cautioned the office of the DPP to be aware of state house impostors who threaten them in execution of their work. He promised extensive support to the ODPP in dealing with such perpetrators.

Minister Mao also advised prosecutors to always clear the backlog on their desks to avoid being termed as redundant workers.

“You are servants of the State like anybody else, at the ministry of justice we should to have people who would come around visiting offices claiming to be from State house and I referred them to the Minister . So if anybody comes to your office claiming to be from the state house Kindly do the same. Its my duty to assure you that while your facing these aggressive opponents in court who want an aquatone for their clients you must be able to count on the power of State ” said Nobert Mao.

The vehicles were given in a bid to ease and motivate the works of prosecutors especially in hard-to-reach areas of Kisoro, Ntungamo, Amur, Moyo Kibaale among others.

“Transport plays a critical role in in improving access to prosecution services in many ways. Therefore its very important for all our field stations should all have means of transport ” said Agnes Kainza Nzogi, the undersecretary ODPP

Jane Frances Abodo, the director public Prosecution commended the government of Uganda for the unending support extended towards the ODPP.

“All these are GOU funds 100%, so we want to say thank you to the government of Uganda for the support to the office of the DPP, this shows how much they value us.” Said Jane Abodo.

The beneficiaries were however cautioned not to misuse the vehicles given to them, but use them for official duties.

Poor transport means is one of the challenges that the office of the DPP has been facing in the recent years among others such as understaffing but with these seven billion fleets this challenge has been curbed.