NRM Secretary-General Todwong Downplays Opposition’s Efforts in Oyam North By-Election, Expresses Confidence in Party’s Strength and Unity.

The ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party’s Secretary-General, Rt. Hon. Richard Todwong, has downplayed the opposition parties’ efforts to secure the Oyam North county constituency by-election seat, emphasizing that the NRM is more organized, strong, and united.

Todwong made these remarks on Monday in Abok Sub County while campaigning alongside senior party members for their candidate, Samuel Okello Engola. He expressed confidence, stating, “We don’t fear anyone in this race because we are front runners. The opposition parties like UPC are trailing as they are not yet visible on the ground. I believe we will win based on our progressive message of socioeconomic empowerment.”

Additionally, Todwong emphasized that the NRM is not in competition with anyone, as their campaigns focus on the government’s readiness to collaborate with Okello Engola to improve service delivery. This includes better health services, good roads, quality education, and electricity connectivity.

In a significant development, former area Member of Parliament on the UPC ticket and lead counsel for LRA’s Commander Dominic Ogwen at the International Criminal Court (ICC), Hon. Krispus Ayena Odongo, joined the NRM. Todwong welcomed him, stating, “I am exceedingly excited to welcome our colleagues from the UPC. Many of them, like Odongo, has been senior leaders there, and their arrival will be valuable for consolidating the NRM in the sub-region.” This act demonstrates trust and confidence in the ruling party’s ability to secure their future.

Hon. Krispus Ayena Odongo explained his personal decision to join the NRM, citing President Museveni’s leadership and his commitment to delivering positive change. Odongo called upon his supporters to follow him into his new political address, emphasizing the NRM’s good intentions.

Meanwhile, Omoro County Member of Parliament, Hon. Andrew Ojok Olaunyah, defended Samuel Okello Engola’s candidacy, highlighting that being the child of the late Col. Engola should not be used against him. Olaunyah stated, “Samuel Okello was elected by the people to represent the NRM. It is the people who decide, not anybody else.” He urged NRM supporters to welcome Okello Engola and cautioned against discrimination based on family ties.

Samuel Okello Engola, accompanied by NRM’s Director of Mobilization, Hon. Rosemary Seninde, continued his campaign trail, visiting several parishes in Akob Sub County in his pursuit of votes.