NWSC wins prestigious global award in Brussels

National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) has won the prestigious European Society for Quality Research (ESQR) International Diamond Prize for Excellence in Quality Award.

The award was handed over to NWSC leadership at the ESQR Convention and Awards Ceremony held in Brussels, Belgium on Sunday, July 9, 2023.

ESQR recognizes and highlights outstanding business results, best practices, quality awareness, and achievements by companies and organizations on the global market.

NWSC was recognised for its service commitment, business growth, and enhanced quality management strategies. The Ugandan utility also received praise for its innovations and efforts that have resulted in a significant increase in service coverage and supply reliability.

While receiving the award among the other 49 International organizations, NWSC Managing Director, Eng. Dr. Silver Mugisha recognized the great work the management and staff of NWSC are doing that has enabled the organization to grow and attain international recognition.

He highlighted the growth experienced by NWSC over the last 10 years specifically growth in revenue, pipe network, and customer base.

He said NWSC is using the latest technology to improve service delivery in Uganda.

Under Dr. Mugisha’s leadership, the number of towns under NWSC jurisdiction has increased from 23 to 268 and are expected to increase to 350 by 2028.

The number of people served by piped water has increased from 4.5 million to 18 million and are projected to increase to 28 million by 2028.

The number of customer connections has increased from 296.000 to 874,000 and is expected to increase to 1,250.000 by 2028.

Pipe network length has increased from 5,073Kms to 22.000Kms and is planned to increase to 32,000Kms by 2028; annual turnover have increased from UGX 155Billion to UGX 519Billion and is projected to increase to UGX 700Billion by 2028, according to latest data.

With Dr. Mugisha at the helm of the NWSC, assets under management have increased from UGX 650 billion to UGX 4,100 billion and are planned to increase to UGX 6,600 billion by 2028.

Talkkng to International media, Mr. George Runge, a Board of Director at NWSC reiterated the corporation’s commitment towards water for all.

He also sounded a benchmarking invite to other utilities. Through its External Services Department, NWSC- Uganda has mentored over 50 Utilities and institutions, globally.

About the award

The award-winning companies, organizations, and public administrations are selected by ESQR based on the results of the ESQR’s polls, consumer opinion research, and market study.

The voters can be customers, consumers, former European Society for Quality Research award-winning companies and organizations, suppliers, collaborating companies, or well-wishers.

The selection process includes the research of public information sources, publications and positive remarks, charity projects, chambers, university projects, trade fairs, and exhibitions.

The European Society for Quality Research is a European organization dedicated to recognizing and researching quality improvement techniques.

The European Society for Quality Research, with its headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland, monitors best practices and outcomes in quality management strategies of organizations, businesses, governments, and individuals.

It honors excellence, promotes innovation and visionary thinking, disseminates knowledge, as well as shares conformity assessment practices and facilities.

Previous winners of the European Society for Quality Research awards in Uganda include Kampala City Council Authority in 2015.