Electoral Commission Sets Date for By-election of Hoima District Chairperson

The Electoral Commission has released the programme for conducting the by-election of Chairperson, Hoima District.

During the electoral programme, the Commission will also fill the position of Sub County Councillor for Katereiga Parish, Buhanika Sub County and the Sub County Male Councillor representing Older Persons for Kabaale Sub County, Hoima District.

The by–election programme will commence with an update of the National Voters’ Register for District from Monday 24th to Friday 28th July 2023 at update stations in each of the fifty-five (55) parishes and wards in Hoima District.

The Commission has appointed Friday 28th July 2023 as the cut-off date for applying for registration as a voter and for transfer of voting location in the district.

The registration and transfer of voters from one polling station to another within Hoima District will not take place after Friday 28th July 2023.

The display of the Voters’ Register will be conducted for a period of ten (10) days, that is, from Wednesday 9th August to Friday 18th August 2023, at all the one hundred and seventy-three (173) polling stations in Hoima District.

The Display of Parish Tribunal Recommendations for deletion from/or inclusion on the Voters Register will be conducted for six (6) days, that is, from Friday 18th August to Wednesday 23rd August 2023 at the respective Parish/Ward Headquarters.

The nomination of candidates will be conducted on Wednesday 30th and Thursday 31st August 2023 at the Office of the District Returning Officer, Hoima.

Nominated candidates will conduct campaign meetings for twelve (12) days, that is, from Friday 1st September to Tuesday 12th September 2023.

The polling for Sub County Male Councillor representing Older Persons (SCMOP) for Kabaale Sub County will be conducted on Friday 8th September 2023, and shall be by electoral college.

Polling and tallying of results for the by-election of the District Chairperson, Hoima and the Sub County Directly-elected Councillor (SCDEC) for Katereiga Parish, Buhanika, will be conducted on Thursday 14th September 2023, at all polling stations in the affected electoral areas.

The District Chairperson seat for Hoima District fell vacant following the death of the former Chairperson, Kadiri Kirungi on 17th March 2023, while the other Local Government vacancies occurred due to the resignation of the elected Councillor (SCDEC) and death (SCMOP).