Ministry Of Health Approves The Uganda Police Forensic Laboratory For DNA Testing

The Ministry of Health, has cleared the Uganda Police Forensic Laboratory, at Naguru, Police Headquarters, to continue providing Forensic DNA testing services as per its mandate. The Forensic Laboratory has now been added to the database of gazetted/certified facilities for DNA testing relationship.

The clearance of the Forensic DNA Lab, is a big and important step, in significantly enhancing the investigative capabilities of the police, and also play  a pivotal role in crime solving, disaster victim identification, and counter terrorism efforts. By comparison, DNA is scientifically accurate and more difficult to dispute, than eyewitnesses accounts.  It has further helped remove the major setbacks, in obtaining the much needed justice for victims in crime, by corroborating witness and survivor statements.

The Uganda Police DNA and Forensic Testing Service has a laboratory, that is equipped with the state-of-the art technology and facilities to perform a broad range of forensic DNA testing services, for evidential material, in support of investigations by police. The tests include; dead body identification, DNA paternity, maternity. Sibling and kinship testing in criminal investigations,  immigration DNA testing, cell line authentication and DNA profile.

The Forensic Laboratory, will also work with Medical Officers, from the Ministry of Health, who handle evidential material for DNA analysis, in ensuring that the identification, collection, packaging, storage and transportation of the evidential material, attains the acceptable international standards.

The Police Forensic Laboratory is committed to providing high quality DNA testing services, that are accurate and reliable. In addition, the force’s extensive use of DNA technology, in crime solving, disaster victim identification, and counter terrorism efforts, shows our commitment to upholding justice, providing closure to victim’s families and ensuring National Security. As the Uganda Police Force, continues to harness DNA technology, it reinforces its position as a progressive and resilient institution, poised to combat crime and safeguard the nations well-being.