PPDAA (South Sudan) in Uganda to benchmark PPDA (Uganda) Modus Operandi

Today, 31st July 2023, The Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA) of Uganda has hosted a 12-man delegation from the Procurement Regulator of the Independent Republic of South Sudan, the PPDAA.
The delegation from PPDAA is led by Board Chairman of PPDAA South Sudan, Hon. Ayii Bol Akol and Executive Director, PPDAA Sudan Hon. Deng Akuli Kak . The Executive Director of PPDA Uganda. Mr. Benson Turamye.

The South Sudan 🇸🇸 delegation is here to benchmark, the modus operandi of PPDA and public procurement in Uganda generally.
While welcoming them, Mr. Turamye urged the counterparts in S.Sudan to embrace digitalization of public processes to achieve efficiencies. He made reference to the Electronic Government Procurement System (eGP) that is doing a lot to curb delays in public procurement.

They will spend the day at PPDA and visit the PPDA Appeals Tribunal tomorrow (1st August 2023)
As the East African Region underwent Finance Management Reforms, Uganda’s PPDA was the first to be created in the region in 2003. The PPDA 🇺🇬 Uganda has remained a trail blazer, and a yard stick for public procurement practices for which many other Regulatory bodies and policies have been implemented. South Sudan PPDA is the youngest only coming to life recently in 2018.