National Medical Stores Hailed as Minister Advocates for Preventive Health Measures

The Minister for Kampala and Metropolitan Affairs, Honorable Kyofa Kabuye, has urged Ugandans to prioritize preventive health measures.

Honorable Kabuye made this appeal during his visit to the National Medical Stores (NMS), where he also commended the board and management for constructing the largest government-owned pharmaceutical warehouse on the African continent.

“Preventing diseases and promoting healthy habits should be at the core of our efforts to improve the health of our nation. By taking proactive measures, such as vaccinations, regular check-ups, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, we can reduce the risk of developing various health problems,” Kyofa said

The Minister was accompanied by officials from the the RDC’s Secretariat and the Manifesto implementing team under the Ministry for Presidency. The team was on a familiarization tour of the new NMS warehouse and office complex in Kajjansi.

The NMS General Manager Moses Kamabare noted that the biggest burden on Uganda’s health sector are Non communicable diseases. Kamabare highlighted that focusing on preventive measures can significantly reduce the burden on healthcare facilities and improve the overall well-being of the Ugandan population.

“75% of diseases in Uganda are preventable. This means that for every 100 patients in any given hospital, 75 wouldn’t be there if they had prevented the disease, such as sleeping under treated mosquito nets, wearing safety belts while driving, going for regular checkups, among others. By doing this, we will significantly reduce the demand for medicines and other medical supplies in our hospitals” Kamabare Said

The Minister praised the NMS’ commitment towards ensuring medical supplies are readily available to all Ugandans through ICT innovation such as the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) a software which tracks the ordering, storage and dispatch of government medicines visible to both the health facilities and NMS. This, Kyofa, said ensures transparency and accountability of government medicines.

On his part, the NMS Board Chairman Dr Jothan Musinguzi stressed the commitment by NMS to fulfil its strategic objective of ensuring timely delivery of medicines.
“The National Medical Stores has played a vital role in ensuring the effective distribution and accessibility of medical supplies across the country. With the establishment of this 30-000 pallet position warehouse, NMS is equipped to meet the growing demand for healthcare resources efficiently”, Dr Musinguzi said

“I want to express my deep appreciation to the board and management of the National Medical Stores for their notable achievement in establishing this impressive warehouse facility. This facility will not only streamline the supply chain but will also improve the availability of medical supplies, making healthcare more accessible to all Ugandans, “ said Minister Kyofa

The visit to the National Medical Stores reiterates the government’s commitment to expanding healthcare infrastructure and promoting preventive health measures.

The new NMS warehouse and office complex in Kajjansi was commissioned by President Yoweri Museveni in November 2022 and is four times bigger than the old warehouse in Entebbe.