Suspicious Phone Device Found in Pupils School Bag Triggers Investigation and Vigilance Measures

The Police Bomb Squad and Kampala Metropolitan East  Region, continue to investigate circumstances under which a suspicious phone device, that was connected to a switch, was recovered in the bag of a pupil at Murchison Bay Primary School on the 2.08.2023 at around 2pm. The matter was brought to the attention of the school administration after concerned students, saw smoke coming out of the school bag. They alerted their teachers, who upon checking the bag, found a phone battery that was connected to a switch, and immediately alerted the police.

The bomb specialists recovered the suspicious device, which had no specific safety risk to the school. Efforts are now in place, to trace for the source of the device, which the pupil says was from their neighbour at home.

The fact that a suspicious phone device, though low risk, found its way into the school, calls for more training and vigilance of school administrators, staff and students. They should thoroughly conduct searches on students, for suspicious items, with potential of disrupting school activities. Remember, easy access to formulas for homemade bombs on the internet,, have contributed to concerns about bomb threats, suspicious devices in schools, play grounds and on vans and buses.

Arrangements are now in place by the Counter-terror Units, to train the school administrators, teachers, students, school bus drivers, support staff on suspicious devices, school safety and emergency preparedness.