Four Suspects in Custody for Kidnap and Ransom of 16-Year-Old Student in Bukedi North and Pallisa District

The Territorial Police in Bukedi North and Pallisa district, has 4 suspects in custody who are scheduled to appear in court for kidnap for ransom and trafficking of a 16 year old, female student. The facts gathered indicate that a one Aguti Harried Vick, a 16 year old, student of Pallisa Secondary School, left her school on the 8.08.2023, at around 4pm, for home. Along her way home, she was intercepted by a male student identified as Okiria Constant, aged 18, who tool her up to her sisters’ home and confined her there.  The following day of, 9.08.2023, at around 11am, the victim was forced to talk to her parents while asking them to pay for a ransom so that her life is spared. She spoke to her mother at around 9.03am, instructing her to send money and save her life.

The victim was tracked down and recovered by our task team. Four suspects who include; Pte Aguwa Justine Andrew, a 29 year old. Soldier attached to Ruhengeri, Okanya Emma, a 28 year old, peasant of Senior quarter cell, Pallisa Town Council, Okiria Constant, an 18 year old, student of Pallisa SS, and Imoit Anna Florence, a 26 year old, businesswoman of Kisenyi cell, in Pallisa town council, were arrested, investigated and pending court. Exhibits of a toy pistol, bayonet, National ID card and other exhibits were recovered.

We continue to warn teenagers, guardians and parents, about kidnaps for ransom targeting teenagers. The kidnappers are usually known perpetrators, who surveil particular families that are better off, and gather information about them. As a result, they kidnap their loved ones and coerce the family members into paying a ransom quickly, to enable the release of the victim.

The DIGP has applauded the task team for their dedicated efforts that helped rescue the victim and for the arrest the suspects involved. This serves as a warning to all perpetrators to child kidnaps, that they will be pursued, arrested and charged to court.