Uganda Baati and Uganda Police Force Forge Strong Partnership

Uganda Baati has expressed gratitude in the partnership and collaboration demonstrated by the Uganda Police Force. This collaborative endeavor was solidified with the official handover of a new office structure at the Duty Free Shop in Nsambya.

Uganda Police and Uganda Baati partnered for the latter to supply construction material for its personnel in the Duty Free Shop to enable officers construct modern housing for their families.

During the handover of the structure, Commissioner of Police, Kirungi Sulaiman, conveyed his sincere gratitude for the enduring partnership and backing extended by Uganda Baati.

“We extend our heartfelt thanks for this generous contribution towards office accommodation. Given our constrained office space, Uganda Baati’s willingness to assist us is truly commendable,” he remarked.

CP Kirungi underlined the significance of this collaboration, highlighting that Uganda Baati’s support for Uganda Police Force echoes with supporting the community at large.

“This contribution brings us great satisfaction. We are confident in our ability to maximize its utility, and we hold in our prayers the hope that our alliance will continue to flourish,” he echoed.

Ian Rumanyika who represented Uganda Baati showered praise to Uganda Police for the invaluable partnership and their amicable conduct.

“Our commitment is not just to provide shelter for ourselves, but also to ensure the well-being of our community. This gesture underscores our dedication to that principle.” Echoed Ian.

Rumanyika also emphasized Uganda Baati’s sustained commitment to the Uganda Police Force in the realm of roofing.

“As Uganda Baati, we pledge our ongoing support to the Police Force, reinforcing our dedication to this cooperative initiative,” he highlighted before expressing his elation that this collaboration has successfully come to fruition.