Celebrating Love and Tradition: The Union of the Isebantu Kyabazinga and the Inhebantu of Busoga

It was a momentous day, and the people of Busoga, scattered across the globe, celebrated as one. The bearer of this news was none other than the Isebantu Kyabazinga himself, His Majesty William Wilberforce Nadiope Kadhumbula, Gabula, IV.

With pride and happiness, he announced the arrival of Her Royal Highness, the Inhebantu of Busoga, following the successful conclusion of traditional ceremonies earlier that day. The people of Busoga rejoiced, knowing that their beloved Kyabazinga had found his Queen.

But the celebrations were far from over. The Kyabazinga revealed that preparations were underway to present his dear wife at the majestic Christ Cathedral Bugembe on Saturday, November 18th, 2023. There, they would celebrate Holy Matrimony and introduce the Inhebantu to the world.

In the midst of this jubilation, the people of Busoga and neighboring regions extended their heartfelt congratulations to the Kyabazinga and the Inhebantu. They saw this union as a beautiful embodiment of their Kisoga culture, a testament to the cultured nature of their King and Queen. It was, they believed, a missing piece of Busoga’s story that had now been found.

Gratitude flowed like the Nile from the Kyabazinga, who thanked the parents on both sides for their role in raising the couple. He also expressed appreciation for the tireless efforts of the team that had worked behind the scenes to make this day a reality, including his entourage.

As the Kyabazinga extended his blessing tenfold to all who had contributed to this joyous occasion, he also made a heartfelt appeal. He asked all Basoga around the world to include the Isebantu and the Inhebantu in their daily prayers, seeking divine blessings for this new union. Above all, they prayed for God/Allah to continue overseeing their beloved institution.

And so, in Busoga and beyond, the day marked not only the union of two souls but the strengthening of a culture and a kingdom. The story of the Isebantu Kyabazinga and the Inhebantu was now etched into the annals of Busoga’s history, a tale of love, tradition, and hope for a bright future.