Police Commends NUP for Prioritizing Safety in Mobilization Activities Amidst Security Concerns

The Leadership of the police has applauded to the NUP, to ensure their mobilisation activities, are held in very safe and secure settings.  This will help the party and its delegates to exercise their constitutional rights peacefully, while upholding the rule of law. It also furthers our commitment to protecting the public, amidst the existing threats. Public safety is paramount for everyone (our families, neighbours and our businesses).

As you are all aware, the Kampala Metropolitan Area and other areas in the country, are characterised by heightened terror activities of the ADF. And given the nature of political mobilisation, where the NUP convoy moves at a slow pace, disrupting traffic and congestion, continued use of untrained guards, exposure at the top of the motor vehicle, amidst thousands of supporters, well wishers and onlookers, makes him an attractive and soft target for the terrorists.

The Police continues to guarantee our security to the safety of NUP leaders during town hall meetings, with restricted number of participants, who can be checked and secured by the police. And further urge them to work with the District Security Committee in advance, for thorough security planning. We remain committed to protecting the lives of all Ugandans and visitors, in the country.

The leadership also stated that they absolutely understand the concern of NUP supporters about these processions, but as the Joint Security Agencies, they are more concerned by terror threats, which would risk the safety of the NUP leader and his supporters. The police are aware several NUP bloggers and propagandists are likely to release propaganda, in response to the police appeal and instruction.