Police Suspends National Unity Platform (NUP) Mobilization Activities

Uganda police has announced the suspension of all mobilization activities by the National Unity Platform (NUP) until further notice. This decision comes in response to what the police describe as “blatant breaches” of guidelines and public order issues during NUP’s nationwide mobilization efforts.

Under the mandate to regulate public meetings, the police had initially granted permission for NUP to conduct mobilization activities and open party offices, but additional guidelines were provided. These guidelines included obtaining permission from venue owners, holding gatherings in enclosed areas, and prohibiting processions, demonstrations, and acts of incitement to violence.

However, the police claim that NUP’s activities have consistently violated these guidelines, resulting in public disorder, traffic congestion, damage to property, and even a fatal traffic accident in Hoima City. Additionally, incidents in Kasana-Luweero District were said to involve incitement of violence, sectarianism, and defamatory statements against the President.

In response to these issues, the police have suspended all NUP mobilization activities, emphasizing their commitment to upholding the rule of law and protecting citizens and property. They have warned against mob mentality and intimidation tactics and stated their intention to respond to incitement to violence with appropriate measures.

According to police, this directive will remain in effect until the NUP complies with the guidelines and operates in a law-abiding manner.