FUFA Judicial Bodies Annual Retreat Focuses on Enhancing Football Governance and Integrity

FUFA Judicial Bodies on Wednesday 13th September ,2023 held their annual retreat at A’lure Hotel and Suites in Mutundwe with emphasis hinged on creating awareness among the football Stakeholders.

The retreat looked at a series of activities covered in the previous year, the current state and the way forward.

FUFA President Hon. Magogo Moses Hassim graced the function and was in the company of FUFA 2nd Vice President Darius Mugoye, FUFA EXCO members Sam Mpiima and Ronnie Kalema, FUFA CEO-Football, Decolas Kiiza, Deputy CEO-Services Humphrey Mandu and Deputy CEO-Governance Sam Bakiika.

The President emphasized the importance of having proper governance systems in place and indicated FUFA will make sure the game is protected at all costs.

“As FUFA we have focused on three areas namely, governance, the sport and football business. However, you cannot have success without systems, structures and regulations. I believe our judicial bodies have done tremendous work and this has helped us to protect the game from the several vices. Definitely, we will continue to tighten the nuts and make sure, there is no room for putting the game into disrepute.” He said.

Mr. Mugoye who made the opening remarks at the retreat lauded the Judicial Bodies for bringing sanity to the game.

“I want to commend the Judicial Bodies for making sure the game of football is protected. The effective enforcement of rules and regulations has helped us to have sanity and as the Executive, we will offer the necessary support to make sure fairness and integrity prevail at all times.” The Second Vice President indicated.

Dr. Taibu Azar, the chairperson of the FUFA Judicial Commission highlighted the need to sensitize football stakeholders about regulations in order to mitigate current challenges.

“We have observed that some of the football stakeholders like players and coaches need to be sensitized about the dangers of taking part in illegal activities like match fixing and doping. So, it would serve better if FUFA takes the initiative of educating them so that they know the repercussions involved.” She stated.

FUFA Legal Manager Denis Lukambi was impressed with the reduction in the number of cases over the last year.

“There was a great improvement with minimal misconduct of players, coaches and other officials last season. Elements of hooliganism and violence have also greatly reduced. We believe the sanctions and punishments administered have helped to curb the vices and with the new Sports law in place, the culprits will face even tougher penalties.” Lukambi revealed.

The FUFA legal department also unveiled a new innovation called the FUFA Judicial Bodies System, an online portal that will help in delivering justice efficiently.

Once put into use, the system will help in timely reporting and making fast decisions.