UPPC Unveils Ambitious 5-Year Strategic Plan 2023-2028 That Sets New Printing & Publishing Standards.

Uganda Printing and Publishing Corporation (UPPC) Unveils Transformative Five-Year Strategic Plan (2023-2028) with a Focus on Enhancing Value through Improved Corporate Governance, Customer Excellence, and Efficient Business Processes.

UPPC is set to redefine the printing and publishing landscape with the launch of its strategic plan for 2023-2028. This event brought together key stakeholders, industry leaders, and government officials, marking a significant milestone for the corporation.

The comprehensive Strategic Plan underscores UPPC’s unwavering commitment to providing printing, and publishing services to the Government and all stakeholders. This transformative document is the culmination of the collaborative efforts of UPPC’s dedicated staff and the invaluable support from stakeholders, under the visionary leadership of the Honourable Milly Babalanda, Minister for the Presidency, and Hajji Yunus Kakande.

In her address, Hon. Babalanda highlighted the corporation’s technological advancements, including the state-of-the-art 7K HP Indigo color machine, positioning UPPC as a global standard bearer in printing. She emphasized the commitment to innovation, citing the development of an e-gazette as a testament to UPPC’s adaptability to digital trends. The acquisition of a seven color modern machines forms the nucleus of UPPC’s organizational capacity expansion, signaling a dynamic future.

The strategic joint venture with the German Consortium of Veridos represents a groundbreaking development, enabling the secure printing of vital documents like passports, driving permits, and land titles. The collaboration with the Uganda Security Printing Company (USPC) is composed to revolutionize the industry, ensuring enhanced security features and efficiency in document production.

Hon. Minister Babalanda emphasized that UPPC’s strategic plan seamlessly integrates Uganda’s Vision 2040, National Development Plan III, and the NRM manifesto. The corporation’s trajectory aligns with national aspirations, focusing on industrialization, the Buy Uganda Build Uganda initiative, and generating substantial employment opportunities in the printing industry and related value chains.

The Chairman of UPPC, while giving his remarks, highlighted the four strategic pillars – perpetual assessment and improvement, robust strategic planning, meticulous performance measurement, and streamlined operations. These pillars underpin UPPC’s unwavering pursuit of excellence year after year.

The Managing Director outlined pivotal strategies for UPPC’s success. Embracing technology, the corporation aims to digitize 80% of its product offerings by 2026, in alignment with the national digitization roadmap. Partnerships with sustainability-focused clients will contribute to both environmental conservation and financial sustainability.

Strategies to source inputs in large quantities will enhance market competitiveness, reduce operational costs, and drive efficiency. Additionally, UPPC is exploring diversity through complementary products such as scholastic materials, publishing and expanding its offerings and expanding its market reach.

The launch event centered around the theme of “Enhancing Value through Improved Corporate Governance, Customer Excellence, and Efficient Business Processes.” which underscores UPPC’s steadfast commitment to upholding the highest standards of corporate governance, providing exemplary service to clients, and optimizing internal processes for maximum efficiency.

The G-A-B-I-R-O framework (Gazette, Aggregation of UPPC products and services, Books, ICT, Reports, and Online) will serve as the guiding methodology for UPPC’s strategic implementation. This strategic plan establishes clear strategies across four crucial perspectives: customer service, organizational capacity, business processes, and financial considerations, ensuring a sustainable enhancement in service quality.

As UPPC embarks on this transformative journey, the corporation invites all stakeholders to continuously shape its strategic direction through real-time feedback. The insights, perspectives, and feedback of our partners will be invaluable in driving ongoing improvements and adaptations to the evolving landscape.

The launch of UPPC’s Strategic Plan (2023-2028) signals a new era of innovation, sustainability, and excellence in printing and publishing services.