Interpol Officers Strengthen Cybersecurity Skills for Safer Operations

Police Officers from the directorate of Interpol and International Relations and Forensic Services(DFS) have been tipped on cyber security in order to minimize risks during their day-to-day operations.

According to the Senior Superintendent of Police, Haguma Jimmy, Ag. Commissioner of Electronic Counter Measures (ECM,
emphasized the significance of cybersecurity for all officers. Given their constant interaction with technological advancements and diverse individuals, he stressed the need for caution.

“As Interpol officers, your work involves extensive interactions with a broad population. It’s crucial to exercise vigilance both online and when handling electronic devices.”

He further emphasized that it is imperative for us to establish a unified stance in enhancing our cybersecurity efforts, fostering a positive environment, and cultivating a cyber hygine culture.

Adding to that, the Ag. commissioner Haguma said, it’s important to remember that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. In a distributed environment, a breach by even a single individual can have detrimental consequences for the entire organization.

During the training, officers were educated on social engineering, the art of manipulating people to divulge confidential information, and the reasons criminals employ such tactics.

This one-day training program was organized by the Department of Electronic Counter Measures within the Information Communication Directorate (ICT).