Swift Action Against Reckless Drivers Upholding Road Safety with Whistleblower Vigilance

On September 18, 2023, a whistleblower cited and recorded the actions of the drivers of two vehicles: M/V Registration Number UG 0120Q (Hilux) driven by Bukenya Steven and M/V Registration Number UP 4911 (Land Cruiser) driven by Sabiti Dan.

These drivers were observed driving recklessly along Ntinda Stretcher Road. Based on the compelling evidence captured in the shared video, both drivers were promptly charged, arrested, and detained at Jinja Road Police Station, under Ref.TSD 16/19/09/23 and TSD 17/19/09/23, pending their court appearance.

The Traffic Police extends their commendation to all whistleblowers who take the initiative to capture and share such vital videos. They encourage them to persist in these efforts until we witness improved road safety.

Further more, the traffic police issues a stern warning to all drivers who engage in reckless behavior, contributing to road congestion and danger.