Message from Museveni – One Of The Old Men And Former Footballers From The Equator.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has shared a significant achievement through a letter. The joint bid by Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda to host the 2027 AFCON games has emerged victorious. This success underscores the power of regional collaboration and the logical choice it represents. The pooling of sports infrastructure, like stadiums, enhanced the bid’s appeal. African sporting authorities’ decision reflects its undeniable merit. President Museveni’s message also reflects on Swahili’s phonetic intricacies. We’ll now share his full statement on this remarkable accomplishment.Below is the letter in detail;

Fellow Ugandans and, especially, the Bazukulu. Greetings

Yesterday, I got the good news that the joint bid by Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda to host the 2027 AFCON games had succeeded. Congratulations to everybody.

In particular, I congratulate and thank their Excellencies @SuluhuSamia and @WilliamsRuto for promptly agreeing to bid for the hosting with us. Common sense showed even the assessors, I am sure, that that Pan-African effort was, logically, the most attractive, apart from any other considerations. We can only benefit more if we extend this logic to other areas. Also, pooling together the sports infrastructure, e.g. stadia, made our bid more attractive.

I salute the African sporting Authorities for this logically unimpeachable decision. Mungu abarike East Africa, Mungu abarike Africa na watu wake. When will Swahili allow us to use double vowels to align the written words with the phonetic sounds? That is another topic.

On the side of Uganda, I congratulate the Ministry of Education and Sports and the national football bodies for spearheading the effort and the Deputy Speaker who was on the ground in Cairo.


One of the old men and former footballers from the Equator”