KCCA’s Rubaga Road Transformation Draws Praise from Residents

Rubaga Road, located in Rubaga Division, has undergone a much-needed transformation, thanks to funding from the Government of Uganda. Stretching from Kabakanjagala Road to Nabunya Road, this vital road has received a fresh lease of life with the laying of asphalt.

The rejuvenation of this essential urban artery is set to enhance accessibility for residents and commuters in the area.

The rehabilitation project marks a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts by the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) to improve the city’s infrastructure.

The freshly laid asphalt has replaced potholes and uneven surfaces that once plagued the road, causing inconvenience and damage to vehicles. This upgrade not only promises a smoother and more comfortable commute but also boosts road safety.

Local business owners and residents have been quick to express their appreciation to KCCA for their diligent efforts in fixing Rubaga Road.

Local resident Swaibu Mukisa shared his joy and relief, stating, “We are grateful to KCCA and the government for fixing our road. It has been a long time coming, and we can now look forward to a better and safer commuting experience. Our businesses will also thrive with this improved access.”

With its restoration, businesses operating along the road can now expect increased foot traffic, customer satisfaction, and the potential for economic growth.

While the initial part of the road has been successfully rehabilitated, the remaining road works have been strategically left to the expertise of another contractor.

This second phase will focus on improving the junction and installing traffic signals. The signalization of the junction is expected to further enhance safety and traffic management, ensuring a seamless flow of vehicles.