Tayebwa Initiates Talks to Resolve Impasse Between Government and Opposition.

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Thomas Tayebwa, is in discussions with key leaders in the government and the opposition to resolve the deadlock over human rights violations and the opposition’s ongoing boycott of House proceedings.

Opposition MPs, led by their leader, Hon. Mathias Mpuuga, walked out of a plenary sitting last Thursday, protesting and demanding an explanation from the government regarding human rights violations against their leaders and supporters, some of whom have been missing for several months. During one of last week’s sittings, Tayebwa suspended five opposition MPs due to disruptions in the House.

Nearly a week later, Tayebwa expressed remorse in his communication during the plenary sitting on Wednesday, 25 October 2023. He stated that he was making every effort to reconcile the two parties and bring back the protesting members to Parliament.

“All possible means are being deployed, and all attention is being given to resolving the impasse between the two sides in the House. I have held meetings with various leaders from both sides; we are facilitating dialogue, and there is progress,” said Tayebwa.

He acknowledged that Parliament could function without the protesting legislators, but he was uneasy about an ‘incomplete House’ and expressed a desire for reconciliation.

“For me, I feel that we are incomplete when not all of us are present. Business can proceed, but I still find it discomforting. I would like to see our colleagues rejoining us, and I hope that very soon we will reach an amicable resolution to this matter,” Tayebwa concluded.