President Museveni Pledges Cash Contribution Towards Construction Of Bishop Charles Martin Wamika’s House

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni yesterday pledged a cash contribution of Shs20m towards the construction of Rt. Rev. Charles Martin Wamika’s house. 

Rt. Rev. Wamika is a Roman Catholic priest, who has been the Bishop of Jinja Diocese since March 2nd ,2010. 

The President made the pledge during his stop-over towards Magamaga after commissioning a Marine Pier at the Sustainment Base in Ntokolo, Mayuge District. 

“Please inform the Bishop that the 3rd Deputy Prime Minister Lukia Isanga Nakadama will bring my cash contribution,” he informed the audience. 

President Museveni also thanked the audience for supporting the National Resistance Movement (NRM) and urged them to maintain the overwhelming love for the party. 

The residents thanked President Museveni for his contribution towards the good cause.

“We thank His Excellency so much for stopping by to greet us even with his busy schedule.We have been here fundraising for our Bishop’s home , today we are very happy to see our President also joining us,” one Mr. John Bosco lauded President Museveni.

On another stop-over in Wantoni- Mukono , the President told the residents that, “I will get time and come back and educate you about wealth creation and household income.”