MP Zaake’s Disciplinary Inquiry Commences, Lord Mayor Lukwago Raises Concerns

Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago, who is also serving as Counsel for Mityana Municipality MP Hon. Francis Zaake, appeared before the Parliamentary Committee on Rules, Discipline, and Privileges today. The committee is currently investigating alleged misconduct against a fellow Member of Parliament.

During the session, Lukwago raised preliminary concerns before the committee led by Hon. Abdu Katuntu. He pointed out the absence of specific charges and aggrieved persons against Hon. Zaake. Lukwago further highlighted a discrepancy in the Hansard record, specifically on Page 6145, which did not accurately capture the referral of Hon. Zaake to the committee as per Rule 175 of the Parliament’s rules of procedure.

In response to Lukwago’s concerns, the Chairperson of the committee clarified the committee’s objective. He stated that the committee’s role was to inquire whether the conduct of the MP in question violated any rules of Parliament. Any witnesses appearing before the committee would be subject to cross-examination following parliamentary rules and procedures.

The committee adjourned the matter to Wednesday, 8th November 2023, at 11 am for further proceedings and examination.