Director Rusa Highlights Vital Role of KCCA Enforcement Officers in Shaping Kampala’s Image and Ensuring Lawful Governance

In an address to enforcement officers, the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), Director of Legal Affairs Frank Rusa has emphasized the crucial role these officers play in implementing government programs and maintaining law and order in the city.

Addressing the officers on Monday morning, Rusa underscored their importance in shaping Kampala’s image and being the face of the city.

“When the public discusses KCCA, they refer to you because you represent Kampala. When you perform admirably, we succeed; when your actions are unfavorable, we encounter issues,” he remarked.

Rusa initiated his discourse by highlighting the significance of law enforcement operations, emphasizing that every action taken by the officers must be grounded in legal principles. He outlined the various regulations governing KCCA, encompassing areas such as markets, abattoirs, bars, and trade order.

As KCCA implements government programs aimed at propelling Uganda to a middle-income status, Rusa stressed the need for enforcement officers to comprehend and support the government’s vision.

He urged them to treat citizens with respect while implementing the law, cautioning against excessive force.

Rusa assured the officers of support and protection as long as they operated within the confines of the law.

“I’ll defend you as long as you are acting appropriately and on the side of the law. Execute your duties within the legal framework,” he affirmed.

With the upcoming None-Aligned Movement (NAM) summit where Kampala is the host, Rusa highlighted the officers’ significant role in ensuring the success of the event. However, he cautioned against unruly behavior, emphasizing the importance of maintaining discipline to avert issues.

In the context of ongoing efforts to formulate a Law Enforcement Ordinance, Rusa emphasized the commitment to ensuring a systematic and lawful approach to enforcement operations. This initiative aligns with KCCA’s dedication to upholding the law while contributing to the overall success of government initiatives.