Embracing Unity: Kabaka’s Enkuuka Message Echoes Togetherness into 2024

A multitude of people from all corners have flocked to the Mengo Palace to attend the Buganda Kingdom’s end-of-year event organized by the Kingdom radio known as ‘Enkuuka’.

The Kabaka of Buganda, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II, was represented by his Lubuga Nnaalinya, Agnes Nabaloga, who ushered in the new year 2024 on behalf of the Kabaka’s people.

In the message delivered by Lubuga Nabaloga, Kabaka directed the youth to maintain the spirit of togetherness and hard work in 2024.

A gathering of people stormed the Mengo Palace to attend the Kingdom’s end-of-year event known as ‘Enkuuka’ and witness the Kabaka usher in the new year for them.