Plascon Donates 600 Litters of Road Marking Paint

Plascon paints have significantly contributed to the beautification efforts of the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) by donating 600 liters of road marking paint.

The official handover of this contribution occurred at City Hall, where Hajat Minsa Kabanda, the Minister of Kampala Capital City and Metropolitan, formally received the donation during a ceremony.

Commending Plascon for its backing of the city’s mission to enhance its aesthetics, Minister Kabanda urged other stakeholders to emulate and participate in the ongoing initiatives to enhance the city’s beauty.

In particular, she underscored the importance of the provided paint in marking roads, a critical component of the city’s enhancement initiatives.

Representing the paint manufacturer, Santosh Gumte, the Managing Director of Kansai Plascon, highlighted their pivotal role as a crucial ally in the ongoing effort to improve the visual appeal of the Central Business District (CBD) roads.

Dorothy Kisaka, the Executive Director of Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA), expressed appreciation for Plascon’s substantial donation of 600 liters of high-quality road marking paint.

Kisaka emphasized the observable impact of the initiative, with current painting projects already reshaping the cityscape.

“We truly value Plascon’s commitment,” said Kisaka. “This collaboration is not merely about paint; it embodies community cooperation to establish a vibrant and visually pleasing city.”

Santosh Gumte, the Managing Director of Kansai Plascon, emphasized the crucial role of collective efforts in crafting a city that reflects its lively spirit.

He stressed the company’s commitment to supporting such endeavors that contribute to the overall enhancement of Kampala.

Daniel Kayongo, the Brand Manager for Plascon, highlighted the company’s dedication to the beautification cause.

“Our engagement goes beyond supplying paint. We are committed to ensuring Kampala remains a symbol of beauty,” stated Kayongo.

This partnership, initiated in November, has benefited various entities, with Plascon’s support evident in their endeavors to contribute to the transformation of the city.

The initiative extends beyond the CBD, encompassing numerous areas to establish a more aesthetically pleasing environment for residents and visitors alike.

“We are doing this to guarantee our city’s beauty. We have supported even other entities,” affirmed Kayongo. “The impact of this initiative is not merely superficial; it aligns with our commitment to community development.”

This collective endeavor, launched in November, has already demonstrated tangible results, with the painting of City Hall in progress.

As the painting initiative continues to unfold, stakeholders are encouraged to unite in the effort to make the city a true masterpiece.