Stay Focused! Brig Gen. Bainababo Tips Learners as she Hails SFC Schools for the Good Grades in Last Year’s PLE

The Deputy Commander of the Special Forces Command (SFC), Brig Gen. Charity Bainababo has commended the SFC primary schools for their stellar performance in last year’s Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE). 

“Learners, we are here to celebrate your achievement. We are here to celebrate because you concentrated and did what your parents sent you to do at school. You made us very proud,” she asserted. 

Brig Gen. Bainababo, who is also the representative of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) in Parliament, made the remarks today as the Chief Guest during a celebration party for the good grades of SFC primary schools that took place at Nsamizi Army Primary School, Entebbe. 

The SFC Deputy Commander also thanked President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni for setting up the Universal Primary Education (UPE) and Universal Secondary Education (USE) that have helped children of poor Ugandans to attain education. 

“I thank the President of the Republic of Uganda because of UPE and USE. These initiatives were put in place to ensure that parents who cannot afford to pay in the private schools are able to take their children to school. And for us as the UPDF,  it is part of ensuring that we are able to take our children to school as service men and women so as to avoid overstretching ourselves to get the big monies that are paid in private schools,” Brig. Gen. Bainababo said. 

“If all soldiers are able to take their children to the army schools both primary and Secondary, they will be able to save some money so that they engage in socio-economic transformation activities. That extra money that is paid in the private schools could be used to start up poultry or piggery so that they are able to earn an extra income. So this is what the President of Uganda aimed at; to give us secondary and primary schools for the army so that he reduces the burden of finding money to take our children to private schools. We cannot thank the Commander In Chief enough,” she added. 

Brig Gen. Bainababo further appreciated the First Lady and Minister of Education and Sports, Maama Janet Museveni for supporting the Education sector. 

“As army schools, a lot has been achieved. We also appreciate her for giving a chance to the learners who did not manage to attain the grades that could take them to Secondary school, so all learners out there please take advantage of this second chance that has been given to you,” she noted. 

The Deputy Commander also commended Entebbe Municipality and SFC Commander for the support that has been given to the SFC schools which has resulted in the achievement that they are celebrating. 

“Teachers we cannot thank you enough,  we can only pray to God to keep blessing you with good health and that you keep up the good job.”

On the other hand, Brig Gen. Bainababo advised the learners to stay focused so that they achieve their dreams. 

“Learners, this is just the beginning, do not be carried away by the excitement of being in Secondary school and lose your focus. I’m sure, each one of you here has a dream. If you lose focus, your dreams will be washed away,” she urged. 

“Don’t engage in these vices of drugs and homosexuality, you don’t need them, what you need is the Education. You are not too young to transform society, but that transformation will begin with you as an individual, set your priorities and stick to them.”

The Director of Civil Military Cooperation-CIMIC, Col. Gilbert Owamagyezi thanked the teachers and parents for ensuring that the candidates pass well. 

“I take this opportunity to thank SFC leadership and above all the Chief Guest for sparing time out of her busy schedule to come and officiate at this important ceremony. We congratulate you, our dear pupils, for this milestone achieved. You have made it, and we implore you to continue with this performance,” Col Owamagyezi said. 

“I also thank the teachers who have been able to take you through and also your parents who see it very important to take advantage of this Education incentive so that you acquire skills which will enable you to be productive in future,” he added. 

He also encouraged the candidates that when they join Senior one, they should put more effort on science subjects because he believes that science and technology is important for the socio-economic transformation of the country. 

The Inspector of SFC schools, Maj. Emmanuel Abaho congratulated the candidate for the good performance. 

“I take this opportunity to thank the SFC leadership for continuously remembering to motivate and thanking our kids, their teachers and all the stakeholders who put effort to yield such good results,” he said. 

The Principal Education Officer of Entebbe Municipality, Ms. Joyce Nalubega also thanked the candidates for the good grades. 

“I want to take this opportunity to congratulate all these candidates who are in front of you, they did us well,  they performed well,” Ms. Nalubega noted. 

“Entebbe Municipal Council has 15 government aided primary schools and out of these, 3 are schools of the forces including Nsamizi Army, Marine Base and Summit View. I’m here to report that these schools are doing well amidst some challenges, but we are trying our best.”

The Head Teacher of Nsamizi Army Primary School,  Mr. Francis Kato who represented the headteachers of SFC schools appreciated the tireless efforts put in by the SFC administration focusing on how best the schools in their base areas of jurisdiction can academically perform better. 

“Today we are gathered here for the farewell of our candidates who sat for the 2023 Primary Leaving Examinations and we, the teachers, are pleased for their performance. On behalf of all head teachers, I wish to convey my pleasure to teachers for the efforts made towards this success.”

At Nsamizi Army Primary School, out of the 80 candidates, 21 got Division one and 59 got Division two. 

The event was also attended by Maj. Jimmy Omara, the SFC Spokesperson, among others.