NRM Affirms Commitment to Strengthen Ties with Venezuela’s United Socialist Party

The Secretary General of the NRM, Rt. Hon. Richard Todwong, expressed the readiness of his party to enhance its bilateral cooperation with the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, the ruling party of the South American nation.

SG Todwong conveyed these sentiments during a meeting today with Her Excellency Fatima Fernandes Juarez, the Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela to Uganda, at the NRM party headquarters, where the diplomat paid a courtesy visit.

“In our discussion with the Venezuelan Ambassador, I extended my congratulations to them for establishing an Embassy in Uganda. Despite being here for only a month, they have reached out to us, and we are fully prepared to collaborate for the mutual benefit of both ruling parties,” Mr. Todwong remarked.

He emphasized that the NRM warmly embraces individuals and parties that share common interests and similar leadership doctrines, all under the guidance of President Museveni, a revered global leader. Additionally, he urged the Ambassador to encourage Venezuelans to explore the rich beauty and diversity of Uganda.

In response, Her Excellency Fernadez commended the courage and effective leadership demonstrated by President Museveni. She expressed the Venezuelan government’s intention to closely collaborate with his administration, particularly during his chairmanship of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), in addressing international issues.

Rtd. Maj. Awich Pollar, the External Affairs Director of the NRM, reiterated the party’s dedication to collaborating with revolutionary parties to advance their nations’ development, citing shared ideologies and aspirations.

“It was indeed appropriate for such a revolutionary party to pay us a courtesy visit. The establishment of a Venezuelan Embassy in Uganda brings numerous benefits, particularly in sectors such as oil exploration, an industry we are actively pursuing. We anticipate enhancing our partnerships,” Maj. Awich stated.