Famous Tik-Toker Faces Charges for Disrespecting Kabaka and Buganda Monarchy

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (CID) has filed four allegations against renowned social media personality, 27-year-old Ibrahim Musana, for disrespecting Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II, Buganda Monarchy, and the Prime Minister Charles Peter Mayiga.

Official Spokesperson of Law Enforcement Fred Enanga clarified that the accused, a dweller of Kauga, Mukono region, was seized by the Department of Criminal Insight during the recent days after his video clips, containing derogatory remarks towards the pair, circulated widely across various digital platforms.

“He has been surrendered to the Investigative Department of Law Enforcement at Kibuli where investigators are currently processing him for multiple offenses including the misuse of online platforms, propagation of hate speech, dissemination of offensive messages, and instigation of violence,” Enanga announced.

The dissemination of these recordings, particularly on TikTok and X (previously referred to as Twitter), provoked extensive censure from the populace. “A significant portion of the population in Buganda is infuriated by these verbal assaults, which are both humiliating and discourteous. As a nation, we possess stringent regulations against such occurrences,” remarked Enanga.

He additionally stressed that law enforcement authorities will persist in apprehending individuals advocating hateful doctrines, not solely aimed at the Kabaka of Buganda but also directed at all Ugandan citizens and visitors. “We cannot tolerate the perpetuation of such actions as it could yield detrimental repercussions for communities. We will apprehend and prosecute anyone engaging in such behaviors against any Ugandan or visitor to Uganda,” declared Enanga.

Responding to the detention of Ibrahim Musana, the Minister of Communication for the Buganda Monarchy, Israel Kazibwe, issued a stern caution, affirming that Buganda will not countenance any form of mistreatment or insolence towards the Kabaka and the monarchy.