Ministry of Foreign Affairs Convenes Diplomatic Dialogue on Regional Peace and Security

Honorable John Mulimba, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, on Thursday February 15th, hosted a diplomatic engagement with Mr. Joe Dashley, Political Counsellor of the British High Commission at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The discussions focused on efforts to foster peace and security within the region amidst evolving geopolitical dynamics.

Both parties had constructive dialogue aimed at addressing pressing regional challenges and advancing collaborative strategies for sustainable peace. Recognizing the interconnected nature of global security, discussions centered on comprehensive approaches to conflict resolution, preventive diplomacy, and collective security measures.

Emphasizing the importance of multilateral cooperation, the two reaffirmed their dedication to promoting peace-building efforts and mitigating potential threats to regional stability.

Hon. Mulimba said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs remains steadfast in its commitment to diplomatic initiatives that promote peace and security and looks forward to continued collaboration with international partners in pursuit of these noble objectives. For media inquiries or further information, please contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uganda.