House Rejects the National Information Technology Authority, Uganda (NITA-U) Dissolution Bill

The House convened today to deliberate on the National Information Technology Authority, Uganda (Amendment) Bill, 2024, which is part of the government’s rationalization policy aiming to integrate NITA-U’s functions into the Ministry of ICT.

According to the report presented by Hon. Tonny Ayoo, Chairperson of the ICT Committee, the decision to dissolve NITA-U should be reconsidered due to its crucial role in leading the digital transformation program. The committee’s findings indicate that NITA-U has not only generated revenue but has also managed its administrative costs effectively without burdening the national treasury.

“It has neither incurred high administrative costs nor drained the national treasury,” stated Hon. Tonny Ayoo, Vice Chairperson of the ICT Committee.

Furthermore, the report highlights NITA-U’s significant contributions to cost savings and efficiency improvements within the government. It notes that NITA-U’s initiatives have led to substantial reductions in internet bandwidth costs, saving the government up to Shs49bn. Additionally, the establishment of the National Data Center and Disaster Recovery sites has minimized duplication costs, saving up to US$92m, and enhancing the resilience of critical government applications.

“NITA-U reduced duplication costs by up to US$92m through the establishment of the National Data Centre and the Disaster Recovery sites, which host 287 critical applications in over 100 Government institutions,” added Hon. Tony Ayoo.

Hon. Jane Pacuto of Pakwach District emphasized NITA-U’s positive impact on non-tax revenue mobilization, asserting that it does not drain the national treasury as claimed.

“In recent years, NITA-U has significantly contributed to the increase in non-tax revenue mobilization in this country, and there is no basis for claiming that it drains the national treasury,” stated Hon. Jane Pacuto (Pakwach District).

However, Hon. Abdul Kantutu of Bugweri County called for comprehensive justification supported by both qualitative and quantitative research regarding the government’s decision to dissolve NITA-U.

Ultimately, the House voted against the National Information Technology Authority, Uganda (Amendment) Bill, 2024, which proposed the dissolution of NITA-U and the transfer of its functions to the Ministry of ICT.