President Museveni Challenges Women Leaders to Preach Wealth Creation Message

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has challenged women leaders to preach the message of getting everyone into the money economy instead of spending time politicking. 

“Every homestead must join the money economy with “ekibaaro” and those with small pieces of land should use the four-acre model of farming,” President Museveni emphasised. 

He made the remarks today while addressing the leaders of the National Women’s Council and the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Women’s League at State House-Entebbe. 

The President advised the women leaders to encourage people with small pieces of land to adopt the four acre model where in the first acre they can plant coffee, the second acre they can grow fruits, the third acre grow food for the family and fourth acre, grow pasture for animals and in the backyard, carryout poultry, piggery and fishing farming in ponds.

“If you do this type of farming, that means we will have defeated poverty through commercial agriculture,” President Museveni stressed.

He promised to organise a tour for the women leaders to visit some of the people that have listened to his wealth creation message like Mr. Richard Nyakana of Rwengaju, Fort Portal and his (President) neighbours in Kisozi, Gomba.

President Museveni informed the women leaders that apart from commercial agriculture, they can also encourage people to use Emyooga program and small-scale manufacturing like shoemaking, tailoring, among others to get out of poverty.

He also urged the leaders to encourage Ugandans to embrace the services sector like transport, medical and teaching to improve their livelihoods.

He further mentioned the fourth sector;- ICT as another avenue to help Ugandans transform their lives economically.

On the other hand, President Museveni told the women leaders that the reason why NRM ranks above other political parties in Uganda, is because they prioritised people’s needs over their identity based on religion and tribes.

“The first need we dealt with was security. The main problem was insecurity and the moment that problem was solved, the NRM became popular,” he explained.

“You, as NRM preachers, should preach to people to get out of poverty using the NRM concept.”

He assured the women leaders that their proposal for his candidature in 2026 will be discussed in the NRM structures and the decision will be announced soon.

Hajjat Faridah Kibowa, the Chairperson of the National Women’s Council thanked President Museveni for supporting and elevating women in leadership. 

“We are grateful for what you do for women.All the women you see here are NRM Flag bearers in their Districts,” Hajjat Faridah said.

She also informed President Museveni that as NRM Women’s League and National Women’s Council, they want him to again stand for Presidency in 2026 and beyond.

“Accept that we launch you as our chair,” Hajjat Faridah requested President Museveni as her fellow leaders held banners showing their support for the President’s candidature. 

The meeting was also attended by Hon. Betty Amongi, the Minister of Gender, Labour and Social Development.