Police Calls on JESA to Remove Controversial Commercial Advertisement

The police leadership has strongly criticized the use of its traffic department image in a controversial commercial advertisement featuring its juice brand, known as “JESA JUS.” The TV ad portrays a scenario where a traffic officer appears to be easily manipulated by a frightened driver offering JESA JUS, allowing them to proceed without inspection, stating “You can go.”

This advertisement insinuates that traffic police officers are corrupt and susceptible to bribery with JESA JUS. It depicts the driver and children as traffic violators and promotes bribery as a means to evade consequences, particularly among children. Such pictures not only reinforces negative perceptions of law enforcement but also violates regulations regarding the use of police imagery and uniform without proper authorization.

Furthermore, the advertisement falsely suggests that the police leadership endorses and supports the consumption and marketing of JESA JUS, which is inaccurate.

In response, the Police demand that the commercial firm remove the traffic police content or the entire advertisement and cease any further dissemination on TV, radio, and digital platforms. Failure to comply may result in legal action by the Directorate of Legal and Human Rights Services.

The police also urges all marketers and advertising producers to obtain proper authorization before using police imagery and content in commercial advertisements.