Uganda and Zimbabwe Commit to Enhanced Cooperation

His Excellency Dr. Emmerson Mnangagwa, President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, on Wednesday 13 March, 2024 officially received Mr. Paul Amoru, marking the commencement of his tenure as the High Commissioner of Uganda to Zimbabwe. The presentation of credentials by Mr. Amoru at State House in Harare not only symbolises a continuing friendship between the two nations but also propels them into a future of increased collaboration and mutual development.

Mr. Amoru conveyed the warmest regards and best wishes from His Excellency Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, President of the Republic of Uganda, emphasising the solid foundation of excellent relational dynamics that exists between Uganda and Zimbabwe.

President Mnangagwa warmly welcomed Ambassador Amoru, recognizing the strong diplomatic relations that have been nurtured since the liberation struggle. He acknowledged the significance of Uganda’s support, particularly in advocating for the lift of sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe, showcasing a unity in regional and international advocacy.

In a speech that highlighted the event, Mr. Amoru extended his gratitude to President Mnangagwa for the opportunity to strengthen diplomatic ties through his new role. The event also served as an occasion for Mr. Amoru to appreciate President Mnangagwa’s participation in the 19th Non-Aligned Movement Summit and the 3rd South Summit of the Group of 77 + China, held in Uganda this January. The visit underscored a shared vision towards Pan-Africanism and deepened the historical bonds forged by common interests and mutual respect.

Emphasising the focus of Uganda’s Chairmanship of the Non-Aligned Movement, Mr. Amoru spoke about the collective mission to address the challenges faced by Least Developed Countries (LDCs), striving for prosperity through increased trade, advancement in science and technology, sustainable environmental practices, and enhanced security measures.

Both President Museveni and President Mnangagwa share a mutual acknowledgement of the need to activate the Joint Permanent Commission (JPC) and the establishment of a Joint Business Forum, aiming at exploring new areas of cooperation and enhancing bilateral trade. Uganda and Zimbabwe have expressed a keen interest in further collaboration across various sectors including mining, tourism, agriculture, and education, aimed at elevating the living standards of their people and fostering economic development.

While acknowledging the Ugandan diaspora’s contribution to Zimbabwe’s strategic sectors, Mr. Amoru thanked the Zimbabwean people and government for their continued hospitality. The discussion during the Credentials Ceremony also revisited the major milestones achieved during the two countries’ historical interactions, including high-level visits and the signing of several Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) aimed at bolstering their bilateral relations.

President Mnangagwa commended the previous High Commissioner of Uganda, Amb. Barbra Nekesa Oundo, for her outstanding performance and recognized the positive impact of past high-level visits between the two countries. Additionally, he lauded President Museveni’s continuous support for Zimbabwe, particularly in advocating for the removal of sanctions and promoting peace, security, and stability in the region.

Looking towards the future, President Mnangagwa expressed his desire to convene the long overdue Joint Permanent Commission between Uganda and Zimbabwe to further solidify cooperation. He underscored the shared membership in COMESA as a platform to enhance bilateral trade and cooperation on regional peace and security issues.

President Mnangagwa’s commitment to working closely with Uganda on matters of regional peace and security resonated with the shared aspiration for a prosperous future for both nations.

The Zimbabwean leader expressed his earnest wishes for Mr. Amoru’s successful tenure as Uganda’s High Commissioner to Zimbabwe, viewing this as an opportunity to strengthen the bonds between the two countries even further.

Mr. Paul Amoru’s appointment and the warm reception from Zimbabwe pave the way for a new era of diplomatic relations and collaborative ventures, promising not only to benefit the respective countries but also to exemplify African unity and solidarity on the global stage.