Mayor of Kawempe Division Emmanuel Sserunjoji Leads Yellow Fever Vaccination Drive in Kampala

The extensive yellow fever vaccination campaign has kicked off in Kampala, with Mayor of Kawempe Division His Worship Emmanuel Sserunjoji taking the lead to mobilize locals to support the initiative. Sserunjoji led by example by being among the first individuals to receive the yellow fever vaccine during the inauguration held at the Kawempe Division headquarters on Tuesday.

 The nationwide Yellow Fever Immunization Drive, running from today until April 8, 2024, will encompass 53 districts across Uganda.

“I urge all of you to undergo Yellow Fever vaccination if you haven’t done so before,” Sserunjoji emphasized.

The vaccination campaign has garnered a favorable response from urban residents, who are actively flocking to various vaccination centers to receive the yellow fever vaccine.

Sserunjoji, in his speech, encouraged all individuals who haven’t been vaccinated previously to seize this opportunity. Dr. Annet Kisakye from the World Health Organization (WHO) Uganda commended the politicians’ efforts in spearheading the campaign and motivating urban residents to engage in the vaccination initiative.

“This vaccine will offer you lifelong protection against Yellow Fever,” Kisakye emphasized, stressing the enduring advantages of vaccination.

Crucially, the yellow fever vaccine is being provided free of charge and is accessible to individuals aged between 1 and 60 years. However, pregnant women and individuals with egg allergies are advised against receiving the vaccine.

Previously, the yellow fever vaccine was only available through private healthcare providers at a cost, primarily targeting travelers. Now, it is accessible to all citizens free of charge during this extensive immunization drive, providing lifelong protection against yellow fever.

This vaccination endeavor marks a significant stride towards achieving heightened population immunity against yellow fever. Uganda had previously outlined phased implementation of Yellow Fever Preventive Mass Vaccination Campaigns (PMVC) in 2023 and 2024 to effectively combat the disease.

 Citizens are urged to visit their nearest government health facility or designated vaccination sites between April 2nd and April 8th to receive the vaccine.