NWSC-KCCA Commission Modern Sanitation Facilities to Improve Water and Sanitation Situation in Kampala

The National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) has on Friday, April 12, 2024 handed over Nine sanitation facilities to the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) to help improve water and sanitation infrastructure in the capital Kampala.

The facilities located at Police Primary School- Kibuli, St. Paul Primary School, Nsambya P/S, Kasanga Primary School, Mbuya PS, Muntundwe, Lubiri Primary School, Mutundwe P/S, Kiswa Market, and Centenary Park fall under the Kampala Water Lake Victoria Water and Sanitation Project Package 5B.

The project is co-funded by the KfW Development Bank (KfW) with 11.84Million Euros and the French Development Agency (AFD) which is extending 17.19Million Euros.

Authorities said the project will enhance water and sanitation access in Kampala’s informal settlements.

Handing over the facilities to KCCA authorities, Dr Silver Mugisha said the project looks at providing safe water to 400,000 residents and sanitation facilities to 250,000 people, including 10,000 students in KCCA-run schools.

Under this arrangement, the MD explained that the project will involve constructing 64 sanitation facilities across various public locations in Kampala including 25government-aided schools, nine markets, 30 public spaces including: police stations, prisons,taxi parks,city Square and centenary Park.

Dr. Mugisha said that the Public Sanitation Facilities constructed under the project are public assets and are now commissioned and handed over to KCCA for operation and management.

Dr. Eng. Mugisha extended gratitude to the Ugandan, Germany and French governments, particularly the KfW, Agence Francaise de Development (AFD), for their steadfast support.

He detailed the project’s components, highlighting the construction of a sewerage plant in Nalukolongo (Component A) and water and sanitation initiatives (Component B).

With a total investment of 29 million euros and 58% completion progress, Dr. Mugisha anticipated project conclusion by October, promising substantial benefits upon completion, especially for informal settlements.

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) dated 4th January 2022 between NWSC and KCCA details the mechanism by which the sanitation facilities constructed under the Package 5B project shall be handed over to KCCA once completed.

Particulary, the MoU states that KCCA will take full control of the Public Sanitation Facilities effective from the hand-over date of each Facility.

On her part, Ms Dorothy Kisaka, the KCCA Executive Director hailed NWSC’s efforts, emphasizing sanitation’s significant role in vital sectors like schools, hospitals, markets and other public spaces.

Kisaka commended NWSC for aligning with KCCA’s mission of infrastructure enhancement and urban development.
She said the facilities will bolster KCCA’s Smart City initiative

“We have a vision that says we are building a vibrant, attractive, and sustainable city. And our three key areas where people gather that need focused sanitation are our schools, our hospitals, and our markets,” Ms Kisaka said.

She urged community members to take responsibility for maintaining the newly constructed facilities.

“These toilets should be well looked after, well maintained and there should be a mechanism of ensuring that these facilities continue to look good or even better in the next five years and beyond,” she said.

The toilets contructed by NWSC also contain features such as dedicated facilities for changing babies and people with disabilities.

Mr. Olivier Pannetier, from AFD, and Mr. Jan Alber, KFW-Kampala Director, stressed the need for maintenance to ensure sustained community benefit from the facilities.

Ronald Balimwezo, the Member of Parliament of Nakawa East, emphasized the unfavorable impact of sanitation-related illnesses on student attendance and academic performance, hinting on the urgent need for improved sanitation infrastructure in educational institutions.

Paul Mugambe, Nakawa Division Mayor, said that the facilities will help to improve the health of the people in communities.

The teams ceremoniously planted trees at Mbuya Primary School and Kiswa Market, symbolizing their unwavering commitment to environmental preservation.

Additionally, a commissioning and hand-over protocal for the completed sanitation facilities was signed between NWSC and KCCA, solidifying their collaborative efforts towards sustainable development.

Under the Kampala Water L. Victoria Water and Sanitation package 5B, the project aims to connect residents to the sewer network, construct sanitation facilities, and establish water points in informal settlements and public areas.

This initiative signals a transformative phase for Kampala, promising improved living standards and concerted disease prevention efforts.