NRM Secretary General, Rt. Hon. Richard Todwong, Advocates Comprehensive Socio-Economic Development to Prison officers

Rt. Hon. Richard Todwong, the Secretary General of the NRM, has urged leaders to consistently prioritize the empowerment of their communities for economic advancement.

During a lecture titled ‘Government’s Vision for a Modern and Strong Economy’ delivered to senior officers of the Uganda Prisons Services undergoing a strategic leadership refresher course, Todwong emphasized the importance of transferring acquired skills to uplift ordinary citizens and drive productivity.

“Our responsibility as leaders today is to impart the skills we acquire to the ordinary people around us to promote productivity,” remarked Todwong.

He highlighted the significant progress made by the NRM government in restoring peace and security, which has been crucial in facilitating economic recovery and advancement. Todwong acknowledged that peace is essential for development, recalling the challenges the country faced before the NRM’s intervention, including political instability, widespread poverty, disease prevalence, and low life expectancy.

“The NRM government inherited a nation in turmoil, plagued by conflict and disunity. Through collaborative efforts, we guided the country towards political stability, social harmony, and economic prosperity,” Todwong noted.

Stressing the importance of collective efforts towards socio-economic empowerment, Todwong urged government officials and leaders to concentrate their focus and resources on initiatives aimed at enhancing productivity, promoting job creation, and stimulating economic growth.

According to the head of the NRM Secretariat, the remaining task is to direct the government’s focus and efforts, along with those of all leaders, towards the socio-economic empowerment of the population to enhance production and create employment opportunities for driving economic growth and development.

Todwong reaffirmed the NRM’s commitment to the fundamental principles of patriotism, democracy, pan-Africanism, and socio-economic transformation, highlighting the significance of fostering national unity amidst challenges.

“In times of crisis, there is no room for tribal or religious divisions. We must unite to safeguard our nation,” Todwong urged the officers.

“When the nation is in turmoil, tribal or religious affiliations are insignificant. Let us protect our country diligently,” Todwong emphasized.