East African Internet Services Disrupted by Undersea Cable Cut

On May 12, 2024, it was reported that around 10:30 Hours EST, internet service in the East African hinterland experienced degradation, affecting over 80 million users. Internet services became slow or intermittent in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, and South Sudan, as many Internet Service Providers reported difficulties.

Most ISPs in the region, especially telecoms, rely on upstream bulk sea cable haulers for internet traffic to the region. These cable services, including EASSY and SEACOM, are crucial for connecting millions to global internet traffic.

The cause of the cut was not immediately established. Many providers are reported to be working on restoring services.

Another reported impact is on Google Cache services, which provide localized search results for internet users. Additional capacity challenges have been reported in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

As developments unfold, we’ll continue to provide updates on this evolving situation.