Diversion of Truck Traffic from Masindi – Paraa Road (Park Road) Following Karuma Bridge Closure

On the 06th May 2024, Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) announced changes in traffic flow at the Karuma Bridge crossing following identified bridge defects that needed urgent intervention. As a result, lorries, trailers, trucks and buses from Kampala to Gulu/West Nile were diverted to use Luwero – Kafu –
Masindi – Paraa (Murchison Falls National Park) to connect to Pakwach or Gulu via Olwiyo and vice versa from Gulu/West Nile.

Following wider stakeholder engagements, it has now been resolved that owing to the ecologically sensitive environment along the Masindi – Parra route, all drivers of trailers, lorries and trucks, EXCEPT buses are now advised, effective
Friday 24th May 2024, to use Kafu – Masindi, branch off on the left to use Hoima – Biiso – Buliisa – Paraa road, to connect to Pakwach or Gulu Via Olwiyo and vice versa.

This alternative route is fully paved and involves a shorter distance of approximately 20 kilometres of travel through the Murchison Falls National Park, significantly reducing the impact on wildlife movement and behaviour. This is
further intended to protect and conserve Uganda’s rich wildlife heritage.

The Government of Uganda is expediting funding for the construction of a new bridge at Karuma, which will provide a long-term solution to this transportation challenge. In the interim, repairs will be initiated on the bridge to ensure smooth
and full restoration of traffic until a permanent solution is in place.