Hajji Kakande Urges Assistant RDCs to be Patriotic as their Induction Training Kicks-off in Kyankwanzi

The induction training of Assistant Resident District Commissioners (ARDCs) and Assistant Resident City Commissioners (ARCCs) has officially kicked-off at the National Leadership Institute (NALI),Kyankwanzi. 

The training will run for two weeks. 

Officiating at the opening ceremony on Tuesday 28th May, 2024, the Secretary Office of the President, Hajji Yunus Kakande congratulated the Assistant RDCs and RCCs upon their recent appointment by His Excellency, the President. 

“There’s a pivotal role you will play in your areas of jurisdiction and use this time during this training so that you don’t go back as you came,” Hajji Kakande noted. 

He also urged the Assistant RDCs and RCCs to be patriotic and work for the good of Uganda. He advised them to serve diligently, stay focused and emphasize team work as well as mutual respect with their colleagues. 

“As you go about your work,  make sure that you follow the four core principles of the NRM; Patriotism, Pan-Africanism,  Socio-economic Transformation and Democracy.”

On the other hand, Hajji Kakande disclosed to the appointees that next year,  the government has an arrangement of providing a modest means of transport; motorcycles, to help them in mobilisation. 

“We shall start with a modest transport for all of you and it will be a motorcycle,  then eventually,  we shall graduate slowly.  Transport is a complicated issue for the new officers like you who have just joined but you should work tirelessly because of Patriotism. In the 1980s, mobilizers were boarding taxis to go and mobilise. It was in 1989 when the government managed to get them motorcycles. Even the RDCs didn’t have vehicles but we urged them to work,” Hajji Kakande said. 

“For the time being go and do work. Currently, in Uganda there is no hard to reach area unlike in the past. Besides that, the areas you are covering are very near to your headquarters. In the 1990s, the headquarters of Kyankwanzi were in Mubende but now Kyankwanzi is also a district with headquarters.  They have already given you a dose of Patriotism, be patriotic and do work. We Know what you are supposed to do and what you want, don’t think you are the first people to be here. Some people who did this cadreship course are now Ministers. Therefore this job you are entering needs patience. If you are ready to serve the NRM government, I request you to be patient,” he added. 

The Secretary-Office of the President further cautioned the participants against indiscipline and corruption. 

“Discipline is very important, if you are indiscipline, nobody will tolerate you. Don’t think you will remain Assistant RDCs, we shall be promoting you where it demands. On performance,  you will be assessed at the end of every year so that we are able to know if you are okay or indisciplined. If we get a bad report about you, we summon you to the rewards and sanctions committee where we can suspend you or interdict you. That is why I emphasise the issue of discipline. Don’t undermine your bosses,  the RDCs and the deputies,” he advised. 

Hajji Kakande on the other hand advised the Assistant RDCs and RCCs not to misuse their offices by frustrating who are already oppressed. 

“Don’t abuse your offices as Assistant RDCs. I’m not saying that when you get a problem keep quiet, report to your supervisors in the district,  when they are not interested,  report the issue to the headquarters. There are a lot of temptations in the field, don’t attempt to use your office to frustrate people who are already oppressed. Always look at where there’s fairness. You are there for mediatory. Don’t misuse the offices for personal gains.”

Hajji Kakande further tasked the Assistant RDCs and RCCs to help the government to intensify mobilisation and monitoring in their respective areas of jurisdiction. 

“Put emphasis on government programs like the Parish Development Model (PDM) so that they achieve their set goals and missions. Help the government to show people what the government has done and help people especially those in the rural areas to get out of poverty,” he said. 

The Director-NALI, Brig Gen. Charles Kisembo expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Presidency, explaining that for years, the institute has had an excellent work relationship with the Ministry staff.  

“I’m happy to report that the ideological course commenced well on 26th May, 2024 and the trainees are being taken though different course units,” he informed the Secretary-Office of the President. 

Brig. Gen. Kisembo also commended the Assistant RDCs and RCCs for the resilience and discipline they have so far exhibited at NALI. 

The Assistant Commissioner-Finance and Planning, Office of the President,  Mr.  Sadat Kisuyi thanked the Secretary Office of the President for organising the induction training. 

“It will go a  long way in making them appreciate their role in what they are supposed to do,” he said. 

Last week during a capacity building workshop for RDCs in the West Nile sub-region , the Minister for Presidency,  Hon. Babirye Milly Babalanda revealed that the Assistant RDCs and RCCs are largely charged with general mobilisation and promotion of patriotism. 

The induction is also being attended by the Head of RDC Secretariat,  Maj. Martha Asiimwe,  the Senior Presidential Advisor-Mobilisation, Lt. Col. Kibrai Ambako, Director of the Manifesto Implementation Unit, Mr. Willis Bashasha, among other officials from the Office of the President.