Enhance Uganda’s Image – Deputy Speaker, Thomas Tayebwa Calls for PR Excellence

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Thomas Tayebwa, has called upon communication specialists to utilize their expertise in enhancing Uganda’s reputation and ultimately its national identity.

“What defines Uganda’s reputation, what characterizes Ugandans? We lack distinctive attributes that set us apart as a nation. I implore you to leverage the platforms available to us to cultivate a positive image of our country,” remarked Tayebwa.

Tayebwa delivered these remarks as the guest of honor at the third national conference for the Public Relations Association of Uganda (PRAU), held at Golf Course Hotel Kampala on Friday, 08 June 2024.

The conference, held under the theme; Promoting public relations excellence through emerging trends; convened top corporate leaders and industry experts.

Expressing concern, Tayebwa criticized Ugandan social media influencers who consistently portray negativity about Uganda, which he argued impacts every individual in the country.

“There are individuals exerting influence within Uganda, yet they continually denigrate their own country. If you’re influencing within Uganda but attacking it, why would I align with the brand you’re disparaging?” he questioned.

Highlighting Kenya as an example, internationally renowned for its hardworking ethos, the Vice Chairman urged PRAU to draw from the commendable traits of Ugandans in shaping the nation’s identity.

“Here, we have individuals who are beautiful and handsome, we can be recognized for our integrity, our hospitality, because we are known for our warmth. It’s essential to market these qualities to establish a distinct national ethos,” he emphasized.

Upon learning of PRAU’s aspirations to attain professional status, Tayebwa pledged his support once the legislative process commences.

“Let’s collaborate, pool our ideas, and explore avenues to officially recognize you as a professional body with legal backing. This will help in distinguishing genuine practitioners, weeding out unscrupulous elements in the profession motivated solely by financial gain,” he asserted.

John Musinguzi, the Commissioner General of Uganda Revenue Authority, who spoke as a key panelist at the conference, underscored the importance of a professional public relations body, noting that experts have simplified complex matters such as taxation for the layperson.

“Each financial year, tax laws undergo changes, resulting in a significant knowledge gap between taxpayers and tax authorities. Therefore, communicators play a crucial role in demystifying these complexities to assist taxpayers in fulfilling their obligations,” he elaborated.

Tina Wamala, President of PRAU, emphasized that through the conference, PR professionals would gain deeper insights into emerging trends in the field to remain competitive.

“We’ve tailored the content to address emerging trends such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, to support your professional growth and ensure you stay ahead of the curve,” Wamala remarked.