President Museveni Supports Buganda Kingdom’s “Mwanyi Terimba” Project with Shs 413 Million

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has extended support worth Shs413 million towards Buganda Kingdom’s poverty alleviation project known as “Mwanyi Terimba”. 

The project was started by the Kingdom to encourage coffee farming among the subjects.

The President’s support to the kingdom was delivered today by the State House Comptroller, Ms. Jane Barekye during an agricultural exhibition ceremony held in Bulemeezi county in Luwero District. This was also intended to mark wealth creation efforts in the county and Buganda Kingdom in general.

In his message, President Museveni commended the Katikkiro of Buganda, Mr. Charles Peter Mayiga for fighting poverty in the kingdom through promotion of coffee growing.

“I’m happy that the Buganda cultural institution has come out to partially support the NRM wealth creation formula that we put forward in 1995 and the NRM manifesto of 1996. We had actually startedearlier in the 1960s as a student movement with our efforts to persuade the cattle keepers of the cattle corridor to abandon nomadism and also leave subsistence farming to engage in commercial agriculture with calculation (Ekibalo),” H.E Museveni said.

According to the President, although their work that had aggressively started in 1966 had been interrupted by the wars, there was some limited transformation in the whole of the cattle corridor-south of the Nile which is now much more prosperous than ever before.

“Some continued mistakes notwithstanding, the cattle keeping parts of Buganda have benefited from this transformation. These are Lyantonde, Rakai, Sembabule, Gomba, Kiboga, Kyankwanzi, Goma and Buruuli. It is when these efforts were beginning to show success that I embarked on a countrywide tour to replicate the success in the cattle corridor,” President Museveni noted.

He added that in order to decide on what activity was high value or not, they looked at one acre and how much is earned in that acre per year, that’s when he identified the 7 activities of coffee, fruits (mangoes, oranges, pineapples, grapes and apples), pasture for zero grazing of Friesian cows, food for family (Millet, Cassava, Banana, Irish, Potato), Poultry and piggery in the backyard and fish farming on the edges of the wetlands not in the centre. 

The President further welcomed the Kingdom’s interest in coffee, the efforts the government had earlier embarked on through operation wealth creation that has already boosted the production of the cash crop from two million bags to 9 million bags.

“However, you need to know that coffee is only a beverage. Although it has other industrial uses, it is not a food like milk or fish. People will also always need food. Therefore, involving our village small scale operations into the food lines is the safest insurance for their prosperity. I therefore strongly advise you to align your message with ours of the 4 acres and seven activities as mentioned above,” H.E the President emphasised.

He also called upon the people with big pieces of land, to expand their scope by engaging in extensive agriculture where they would help the country have items like beef, cotton, maize, sugar cane, tobacco, tea in large amounts.

The Katikkiro of Buganda, Mr. Charles Peter Mayigawelcomed the financial support by President Museveni and promised continued cooperation.

“I welcome the State House Comptroller Ms. Jane Barekye who has come with the President’s messageand I would like to extend my gratitude to the President for responding to our call for the support towards our efforts in coffee production. We are happy that the President has appreciated the efforts under “Emwanyi Terimba” Program which has enhanced the livelihoods of the people within the kingdom of Buganda. We appreciate the contribution, and we look forward to better cooperation,” the Katikkiro said, adding that the Kingdom is willing to work with State House and other stakeholders to ensure that productivity in especially rural areas is enhanced for the better lives of the people of Uganda, majority of whom reside in the countryside.

Mr. Mayiga further called upon the People of Bulemeezi to stop lamenting about the war that happened 38 years back but work to better their lives.

“The glory of the districts within Bulemeezi (county) will be reinstated by the residents of this area, and that can only happen through hard work, through initiatives and through being courageous to carry out the tasks that can sustain livelihoods. Most of the people living in Bulemeezi today did not witness the war so the war is no longer an excuse for the people in this area not to live meaningful lives,” Mr. Mayigasaid.

He further urged farmers in Buganda to listen to the message from the Kabaka about working together through cooperatives to enhance productivity of the farms for better yields. According to the Buganda Premier, in the past, cooperatives did tremendous work in this country in supporting the farmers.

“We want to replicate what was done in the past so that those who are engaged in farming can realisebetter yields due to better productivity because when farmers get better yields, they will continue that activity since it gives them some money to take care of their families. So, I urge all the people in Luwero to come and learn from the exhibitors and to learn new things which they will put in action,” KatikkiroMayiga emphasised.

According to Hajji Hamis Mukasa Kakomo also culturally known as Kangawo- the Kabaka’s representative in Bulemeezi County, the Kingdom’s wealth creation efforts in Buganda began in 2022 in Busujju County and later in Kyaggwe County in 2023.

Hajji Mukasa assured the State House Comptroller that the Kingdom believes in agriculture as one of her strong pillars of wealth creation.

The ceremony was also attended by a section of Members of Parliament from Buganda, among others.