Equipping of the Parish Development Model (PDM) committee members from Kampala City

About 1,000 Parish Development Model (PDM) committee members from Kampala City have been equipped with knowledge on how to implement the program and ways through which the city’s residents will benefit from the it for improved incomes.

The committee members had a 5-day training on various aspects of managing and implementing the program. PDM is a UGX 490b Government program meant to eradicate poverty through execution of development activities at the parish level.

The closing event for this training commenced at Kitante Primary School and graced by the Minister of State for Kampala Capital City and Metropolitan Affairs, Kabuye Kyofatogabye, the KCCA Executive Director, Dorothy Kisaka, the Kampala Resident City Commissioner, Amina Lukanga, the National Resistance Movement (NRM) Director for Mobilization, Rosemary Seninde and the Central Division Mayor, Salim Uhuru among others.

Kabuye commended Kampala leaders for embracing the program that will transform poor households in Kampala. He further asked KCCA to organize more trainings for the leaders and continue sensitizing city dwellers on the program.

The KCCA Executive Director, Kisaka commended Government for providing the funds to improve the household incomes and the quality of life of the city folk.

“Central Government has made a decision to bring money to the parish. This money will be a revolving fund that can be borrowed through SACCOs,” Kisaka said.

She noted that PDM committees are the eyes of the program and need to be thoroughly trained for its success.

“We gathered all PDM committees today to share the gospel and vision of the program. As KCCA we are getting ready and will ensure we do periodic trainings so that the program is properly understood,” Kisaka noted.

She explained that beyond the implementation of the program, the PDM is going to be helpful for service delivery.

The NRM Director Mobilization, Sseninde commended KCCA for mobilizing the leaders and training them.

“Many people don’t understand what this program is intended for, training these leaders will help us a lot to bring more people on board,” Sseninde said.

The Parish Development Model was launched on 26th, Feb 2022, in Kibuku district, Bukedi sub-region, by its chief proponent, President Yoweri Museveni as a government flagship program geared towards wealth creation and poverty eradication among Ugandans as promised in the NRM Manifesto.

The Model positions the “Parish” as the epicentre and reference unit for planning, implementation, supervision and accountability to drive social-economic transformation. It is designed under seven pillars; Production, Storage, Processing and Marketing, Infrastructure and Economic Services services like roads, Local Markets, Electricity to communities, Water and domestic use and production, Banking and infrastructure, Internet connectivity and development of e-services to enhance economic services at the grass root level, Financial Inclusion, Social Services such as Education, Health, safe water, environment protection, sanitation and hygiene, Mindset change, Parish Based Management Information System, Governance and Administration.