Omoro County parliamentary by election has six candidates including Andrew Ojok of NRM, Justin Odonga of FDC, Simon Toolit of NUP, Oscar Kiiza of NUP and two independent candidates.

But with only one day remaining for the campaigns to Omoro by elections to close, Top NUP mobilizers in the three sub countries of Omoro crossed to support the NRM candidate Andrew Ojok Oulanya.

“It’s rude to mobilize against someone who has just lost a farther,” they said.

The NRM Secretary General Richard Twodong welcomed the NUP mobilizers and pledged to work with them in the remaining one day to deliver victory for the NRM candidate.

Meanwhile the FDC president Patrick Amuriat was also in Omoro to mobilize support for the FDC candidate in the Omoro by election race Justin Odonga urging the people to vote for FDC.

As candidates mobilized for last time votes Police was on high alert and says they are prepared to secure the Omoro by election.

Last day for campaigns for the candidates is today Tuesday 24th  and it will be the day Museveni is expected to address two rallies for the NRM candidate.

The polling day is on Thursday 26th this week.